Vegan Athlete Blog Featuring @angelica_agents

How long have you been interested in fitness/yoga and a vegan diet? What led you into it… Hey everyone! My name is Angelica and I currently live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I went vegan on October 30, 2016 after attending my local Veg Fest. Shortly before that I reconnected with an old friend who had recently went vegan. I noticed how healthy he looked and how his overall spirit was different. He invited me to Veg Fest and that is when my journey into this beautiful new life started. I actually went vegan overnight which I understand and know that...

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Vegan Athlete Blog Featuring @Damonisvegan

Hi, I’m Damon! Currently, I’m at Studying at The University of Akron for business management and minoring in nutrition. I have a deep passion for learning how to make things work as efficiently and effectively as possible! This translates directly into my work, training, and of course, dieting. How long have you been interested in fitness and a vegan diet? What led you into it?I have been incredibly passionate about fitness since I was a child!I’d have to thank my dad for that more than anything else. we would watch movies together every single night we got to spend time with...

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